Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 

2020 1st Associates/Non-Members Online Show

Show Extended till December 31st, 2020

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Congratulations to all the Award Recipients of the

CLWAC 2020 1st Associates/Non-Members Online Show

1st Place Sculpture Award - Kimberly Callas - Transcendence Through Ritual

2nd Place Sculpture Award - Bren Sibilsky - Winds of Change

1st Place Oil/Acrylic Award - Stephanie Deshpande - Conversations

2nd Place Oil/Acrylic Award - Smadar Maduel - Solace . . .

1st Place Pastel Award - Pamela Cook - My Blue Chair

2nd Place Pastel Award - Katrina Thorstensen - Midwinter

1st Place Watermedia Award - Arline Mann - Shelter

2nd Place Watermedia Award - Aida Birritteri - NYC Blues

1st Place Graphic/Mixed Media Award - Anna Van Oosterom - Door

2nd Place Graphic/Mixed Media Award - Tanja Gant - Moon Shine

Anna Van Oosterom

Door 1st Place Graphic/Mixed Media Award