Amy Bright Unfried


Amy Bright Unfried makes bronze sculpture.  Over several decades of work, shifts in her focus of interest has led to several distinct periods in her art.  Trained in the tradition of classical realism, she worked with human figures and commissioned portraits for twenty years before moving into explorations of more abstract work--yet even in abstract pieces she always includes birds, fish or other recognizable creatures, although these too are generally abstract.  Since 2011 her abstractions have had their origins in knitted or crocheted yarn, immersed in wax, assembled in compositions with birds or fish, and cast directly as one-of-a-kind bronze sculptures.  These bronze compositions vary widely but tend to be  experimental, animated, brightly colored, and remarkably light in feeling.

Amy Unfried is a past president of CLWAC and is an elected member of NAWA and Allied Artists of America, and a Fellow of the American Artists Professional League.  Her work has won numerous awards from these and other national art organizations and is in many private and institutional collections.  For many years she lived near New York City, where she studied at the National Academy of Design School and exhibited in many shows and galleries in the northeast.  She now lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and continues to exhibit primarily in the northeast and in Wyoming.

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